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Buckinghamshire & South East


Tel: 01628 473062

Onsite: 07728 314363

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South Gloucestershire & South West

Chipping Sodbury

Tel: 01454 219296

Onsite: 07585 124939

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For further information or if you need help and advice contact your nearest branch and talk with your local pest control professional. We are always happy to help.

Laying loft insulation in loft area

Loft Clearance & Insulation

Loft Clearances can be carried out to either re-insulate the loft due to inadequate insulation to save on heating bills, or to remove risk of disease following a pest rodent or bird infestation.

Initially, an experienced surveyor will attend site and carry out a free detailed survey where a comprehensive report will be sent over.  

Upon acceptance and at a suitable time agreed, we will clear the loft of personal/bulk items so that removal of the contaminated loft insulation, droppings and carcasses can be carried out. We will then vacuum, and biocide disinfect the loft area to remove traces of any disease. If necessary, we will also proof any pest ingress points if required.

The National Insulation Association state the minimum recommended depth for loft insulation to maintain cost and energy savings is 270mm, however we install 300mm as standard to ensure you loft is energy efficient.

Once the loft has been re-insulated, we can also install bespoke raised loft boarding to part or full loft, and introduce shelving depending on the joist layout. This can only help with any loft storage requirements you may require. We can also supply sub contractors to install lighting and to install new loft ladders if yours are old and unsafe.

All technicians will use full PPE and face masks due to airborne risks, and lighting rigs and dust sheets will be used for the duration of the works.

Professional and effective

Loft Clearance & Insulation


Buckinghamshire & SE 01628 473062      South Gloucestershire & SW  01454 219296

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